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While maintaining a strategic overview of the CSGN, we encourage and assist stakeholders to create a supportive policy environment and align actions to deliver the CSGN.

We also manage communications and engagement, funding streams, monitoring and evaluation and event delivery for the CSGN.

If you are interested in any of our strategic development work or services, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Policy and research

Working alongside our partners we are ensuring that policies are aligned and supportive of delivering the CSGN. All 19 local authorities in the CSGN area have signed concordat agreements and we are now establishing concordat agreements with many more of our partner organisations.

We also contribute to improving knowledge and evidence in the sector through research projects and developing guidance documents, such as the Greener Gardens - An Introduction to Raingardens for Developers guide with Scottish Government, the Green Active Travel Routes case studies, and the Green Infrastructure Policies in the CSGN study.

Greener Gardens

Green Active Travel

Green Infrastructure Policies

Communications and engagement

Through our communications and engagement activity we are encouraging new and continued support from stakeholders to deliver the CSGN.

We also work closely with partners to support communications to promote their contribution to delivering the CSGN and on joint campaigns.

Monitoring and evaluation

To support the CSGN vision, we present and track a dataset of 10 key indicators through our baseline reports. The first captured the starting point of the CSGN in 2010, and these indicators will be used to help track the progress of the CSGN towards our ambition of delivering a step change in environmental quality by 2050.

We also collate and interpret a rich variety of data relevant to the CSGN, and support a number of monitoring and evaluation projects with our partners.

Data and GIS

To support the development and delivery of the CSGN we utilise a wide range of spatial data, with key data sets available download for you to use in a geographic information system. We also hold datasets relating to CSGNT commissioned reports and studies which can be made available on request, subject to third party licence conditions.

Our GIS services have also been used by partner organisations to progress their own projects and work.


We encourage our partners to align their funding streams to help deliver the CSGN, gaining the additional benefits of a green network to the projects they are funding.

We also have significant experience of developing and managing complex funding programmes with multiple partners, as well as supporting applicants to build confidence in making funding bids.

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