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In addition to developing and delivering new green network projects on the ground, we support the ongoing management and development of long term and strategic projects. These often involve hosting fixed term funded posts with partners to manage strategically important projects.

We also develop and manage campaigns to help deliver the CSGN.

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Current projects

  • The John Muir Way

The John Muir Way is a 134 mile long distance walking and cycling route across the central belt of Scotland, named in honour of the Scots-born conservationist. Launched in 2014, the John Muir Way is a flagship project for the CSGN, demonstrating what can be achieved by partnership working.

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  • Central Canals project

The Central Canals Project is working with communities and wider partners to develop the Forth and Clyde and the Union Canals as unique assets and as a tourist attraction and route in its own right. The project will create business opportunities around walking and cycling tourism, and enhance access and facilities for local communities and visitors of all abilities.

  • Therapeutic gardens

Working in partnership with the Richmond Fellowship Scotland, we have been developing therapeutic gardens with tenants at several Richmond Fellowship Scotland residential settings. This has allowed us to deliver therapeutic horticultural and related activities with residents, community participants and staff.

  • 10,000 Raingardens for Scotland

10,000 Raingardens for Scotland is a project working towards increasing the number of raingardens across Scotland. Raingardens are areas of plants and vegetation designed to absorb water and reduce the likelihood or severity of flooding and help to protect our rivers and waterways. They capture rainwater which runs off hard surfaces and then slowly release it back into our drains.

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  • Planting for Pollinators

The expansion of urban areas and fragmentation of wild habitats have resulted in the serious decline of our pollinating insects. We need to protect our remaining wildflower areas, and create new areas that they can use to shelter and forage. CSGNT, in partnership with Buglife and the John Muir Trust, have created the Planting for Pollinators Along the John Muir Way project, aiming to create hundreds of mini-meadows along the John Muir Way, one of Scotland’s Great Trails.

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