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As part of the ‘Our Place Camelon’ initiative, CSGNT has been working with the local community, Falkirk Council, The Conservation Volunteers and other stakeholders to develop proposals for Easter Carmuirs Park to help make Camelon ‘an even better place to stay’.

A consultation in April 2017 explored what kind of changes local people would like to see at Easter Carmuirs Park, and a masterplan of proposed improvements was then developed based on the feedback from local residents.

Funding (from Sustrans Community Links, Big Lottery, Falkirk Environment Trust and Falkirk Council) has now been secured to deliver a first phase of work identified as a priority by the community, including:

  • Paths and benches to encourage park users of all abilities and ages to enjoy the park. The paths will also provide a safer route to school for pupils.
  • Solar stud lighting along the path routes.
  • Tree and meadow planting to improve both the parks amenity and biodiversity.


It is expected that work will begin onsite in mid-May 2019, and be complete towards the end of August 2019. There is likely to be unavoidable disturbance to residents and park users during this time, but we will seek to minimise this wherever possible.

Detailed Description of Improvements

A number of drawings are available below for your information. In summary, the enhancements being delivered in this phase include the following:

  • An accessible path network throughout the park – this will mainly consist of 2.5 metre wide sealed surface paths, widening to 3 metres on ramped sections. Shorter sections of ramp will have a gradient of 1:12, whereas the longer ramps leading to Carmuirs Avenue and St Giles Square will be 1:14 and 1:20 respectively. A 3 metre wide ‘shared use’ path for pedestrians/bikes etc will also be created along the northern boundary of the park adjacent to Mariner Avenue. This was identified as a desired improvement within the ‘Falkirk High Cluster School Travel Assessment’ carried out by Falkirk Council's Transport Planning Unit. The new ramp originally proposed in the masterplan leading from the garages on Ochiltree Avenue up to the canal towpath will not be delivered at this time due to technical design difficulties and available funding.
  • Road crossing points – dropped kerbs will be created where paths intersect with roads (Ochiltree Terrace, Mariner Street, St Giles Square (x2) and Carmuirs Avenue).
  • Solar Light Studs – positioned either side of the main paths through the park to provide ambient levels of lighting. These will be similar to those found along sections of the canal towpath.
  • LED Street Lanterns – 5 existing street lights along St Giles Square/Carmuirs Avenue will be replaced with energy efficient LED lanterns to a specification set by Falkirk Council Street Lighting engineers. These lanterns will be programmed to dim 75% between midnight and 6.00am.
  • ‘Avenue’ Tree planting – a number of ‘heavy standard’ trees will be planted along the main north/south path linking Clarinda Avenue with St Giles Square/Carmuirs Avenue.
  • Benches – 4 metal benches will be installed along the same path line as above.
  • Meadow planting – this will take place in discrete locations relatively remote to the main areas of park visitor activity. The scale of meadow planting has been significantly reduced to that originally proposed following feedback from local residents.
  • Football pitches – it will be necessary to slightly shift the location of the existing football pitches to accommodate the path network. This will be undertaken by Falkirk Council Roads and Estates Service to their required standards. Please note the attached drawings show 4 football pitches to indicate that the site will still be able to accommodate the full complement of pitches. However, it is only proposed to relocate the existing 2 pitches at this time.


Consents/Agreements etc

A planning application for the proposed park enhancements was submitted in November 2018, and Planning Permission was granted in January 2019.

Community Consultation/Information/Engagement

The enhancements being delivered have been identified and prioritised through a detailed community consultation process throughout 2017/18, and form part of the wider ‘Our Place Camelon’ initiative.

The masterplan for the park has been promoted widely through local social media, email, community events, leaflet drops and liaison with community groups such as the Easter Carmuirs Tenants Residents Association (ECTRA).

Ahead of work starting onsite, further detailed information will be shared with local residents through an ECTRA Newsletter, social media and posters onsite. Where enhancements are being delivered immediately adjacent to houses on St Giles Square and Carmuirs Avenue, specific detailed information relating to these improvements has been provided to each of the nearby households.

TCV are delivering a 2 year programme of community engagement activity based at the Ochiltree Club focussing on Easter Carmuirs Park as part of the ‘Our Place Camelon’ initiative, and funded by Big Lottery. It is proposed that appropriate elements of the park enhancements (such as meadow creation) are delivered as part of their engagement programme.

Forth Environment link will also be developing a Community Active Travel Plan for the Camelon area which in part will focus on opportunities around Easter Carmuirs Park. This work is due to begin in April 2019.

Further Information

If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact Mike Ewart on 01501 824795 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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