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As our governments gradually ease lockdown restrictions, the public’s opinion is that now is an opportunity for change, and they would be prepared to make many of the measures brought in during lockdown permanent to support a green recovery, according to a Climate Assembly UK report.

Findings from the report include a willingness from respondents to make changes to how we travel, and a view from the public that we should rethink how we invest in infrastructure while we make an economic recovery.

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Twenty-seven of Scotland’s most influential public and third-sector organisations have jointly called for the country to “walk back better” as society reshapes following Covid-19.

A statement, written on behalf of bodies listed below including Central Scotland Green Network Trust, Scottish Natural Heritage and The University Edinburgh has called on the nation to embrace recent positive societal impacts in relation to walking experienced during the pandemic.

The organisations involved in the statement comprise the Delivery Forum tasked with implementing the Scottish Government’s ambitious National Walking Strategy.

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A collaborative blog with Rachel Cowper of Thrive Outdoors and Central Scotland Green Network Trust’s Deryck Irving presenting the case for moving classroom teaching outside post-COVID-19.

The response to the current pandemic has meant the introduction of new behaviours to many aspects of our day-to-day lives. The process of easing lockdown will require changed behaviours for some time to come, as well as new approaches to the places, spaces, and buildings that we live and work in.

While it is likely that some of these new behaviours will be temporary, it may actually be sensible to retain some of them in the longer term - not just to control risk, but because they are actively good for us. Accommodating this may mean we need to take steps to improve and adapt our towns and cities, our streets, our workplaces, and our public buildings.

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