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Central Scotland Green Network Trust and West Lothian Council are working together to enhance East Calder Park. We are now seeking feedback from the public on different aspects of the existing and potential features within the Park.

Extensive community consultations were held in 2015 to identify a unified vision for the park. The results of the consultations can be found at www.westlothian.gov.uk/parkinfo. From this, it can be seen that the community’s overall vision is to give some definition to the park (entrances and signage), improve variety (different activities, variety of natural habitats and visual interest) and improve connections both through the park and with the surrounding area.

This feedback, along with more recent comments from stakeholders, has been considered and used to produce different possible layouts for improving the Park and incorporating future, adjacent proposals into its design. (Please note that all future developments are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not confirmed/finalised including the proposed 3G pitch. A separate consultation will be carried out by WLC on the 3G pitch in the future). Various layout options can be viewed below:

We would be grateful if you could please provide feedback on these draft layouts and proposals on a survey form which is found here.

The layout options can also be viewed at 2 drop-in events in East Calder where you can discuss the proposals with officers on 13 February at Xcite Sports Centre in East Calder between 6pm and 8pm or 16 February in East Calder Library between 1pm and 4pm.

Please complete the survey form by 9am on Monday 5 March 2018. This will allow CSGNT and WLC to collate and consider the comments in order to prioritise preferred work for costing and detailed designs. Your comments are, therefore, important in shaping and developing the future of East Calder Park.