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We deliver between 15 and 30 projects a year for our partners. We help them with project development and design. We also win funding and deal with any approvals needed for the project. We then manage the delivery stage.

We work on sites in private, public and our own ownership. Projects range in size, value and content. They can include:

  • new urban greenspace
  • access upgrades and new paths
  • land restoration
  • creation and management of woodland and other habitats
  • sustainable urban drainage
  • other actions to address climate change
  • natural play
  • community growing

We work with local designers and contractors to help make projects a reality. Where we can, we also try to maximise employment and training and volunteering opportunities.

We use this section of the website to identify where we have projects that are being delivered on site or have recently been completed.

For each project we create a project sheet to record what has been achieved.

For a selection of projects created prior to March 2014, visit the Central Scotland Forest project archive.