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Our 2014 biodiversity campaign was called Love Our Ladybirds, which celebrated the diversity of Scottish Ladybirds.

Ladybirds are beetles, and though there are 46 species in the UK, only 26 of them are recognisable as ladybirds. Six different species are commonly found in Scotland, with another 9 rare or with localised distributions. All ladybirds have their own habitat, hibernation and food requirements. They all share the same life-cycle.

The Love our Ladybirds campaign had 3 main elements: raising awareness through promotional activities and events; producing educational packs for schools; and undertaking practical habitat creation or enhancement projects for different species in suitable areas. You'll find all the information about the campaign and our activities on the following pages:

Scottish Ladybirds

Ladybird Resources and Information

Funding for the Love Our Ladybirds campaign has been received from Scottish Natural Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund, via the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.

Love Our Ladybirds Monitoring Report