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Our principal role is to:

Drive forward the delivery of the CSGN.

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The Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) is driving forward the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN), creating positive change in the areas which need it most.

We do this by engaging individuals and organisations to support and deliver the CSGN vision. We also target our resources to help partners meet demands and deliver projects on the ground.  

Our ambitions, plans and actions are intended to bring real change to the environment, economy and people of central Scotland.

Our principal aim is to add value, and through delivery, create change.

We are a collaborative organisation that seeks to be inclusive, trusted and open with our partners, stakeholders and staff.

We fulfil this through 5 strategic objectives:

  • To drive forward and coordinate the delivery of the CSGN
  • To raise awareness of, and participation in, the CSGN
  • To provide support and capacity to others delivering the CSGN
  • To identify spatial and thematic needs to help target resources
  • To directly deliver with stakeholders projects on the ground

We aim to do this by being:

  • Ambitious, trusted, and open

Our behaviours are to be:

  • Inclusive and cooperative
  • Outward looking and reaching out to others
  • Listening, responsive and participatory


The Central Scotland Green Network Trust was established in March 2014. We are a company limited by guarantee and are registered as a charity in Scotland. Prior to 2014, we operated as Central Scotland Forest Trust. Our role then was to help realise the delivery of the Central Scotland Forest.