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Keith Geddes has a wealth of experience working in local government, having held a number of senior positions including President of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities; Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council and Lothian Regional Council; and Chair of Lothian Region’s Education Committee.

During his time in local government, Keith has been responsible for pioneering the development of a number of projects in the public and private sectors. He was also a leading advocate of democratic renewal.

Keith has particular expertise in housing and education policy, having formerly worked with Shelter, and he holds a Housing Diploma from Heriot Watt University. As a qualified teacher and community worker, Keith has a close interest in widening access to lifelong education.

A committed environmentalist, Keith has been appointed CBE for political and public service. He is a member of the John Muir Trust, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

Keith has served on a number of public bodies including Scottish Enterprise, the Accounts Commission and the Scottish Arts Council as well as being a member of the Consultative Steering Group on the Scottish Parliament. He has previously worked with Scottish Natural Heritage and has sat on the board for Greenspace Scotland.

Keith also holds the position of Policy Director at independent Scottish PR and Public Affairs Company, Pagoda PR.

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